The Pupil Premium is additional funding given to publicly funded schools in England to raise the attainment of eligible pupils, and close the gap between them and their peers.

Pupil premium funding is available to both mainstream and non-mainstream schools, such as special schools and pupil referral units.

In the 2018 to 2019 financial year, schools will receive the following funding for each child registered as eligible for free school meals at any point in the last 6 years:

  • £1,300 for primary-aged pupils;
  • £935 for secondary-aged pupils.

Schools will also receive £1,900 for each looked-after pupil who:

  • has been looked after for 1 day or more;
  • was adopted from care on or after 30 December 2005, or left care under:
  • a special guardianship order;
  • a residence order.

It is for schools to decide how the Pupil Premium is spent, since they are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made for the individual pupils within their responsibility. However, schools are to be held accountable for how they have used the additional funding to support eligible pupils. Please click the links below for further Pupil Premium information and how the pupil premium will be spent this academic year.

We propose to use the Pupil Premium Grant this academic year in a focused targeted way which may include:

  • Before-School club (from 8am daily)
  • Trips and residentials
  • Small group intervention
  • Individual resources (books etc.) and uniform
  • Literacy and Maths interventions
  • Therapy/Counseling specific to need
  • 1:1 daily reading & spelling.
  • Social skills groups
  • Welfare and attendance support
  • Educational psychologist support in school
  • EIS behaviour support in school
  • Small group TA sessions e.g. talk time
  • 1:1 before/after teaching
  • Booster sessions
  • Extra – curriculum club provision

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